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High-performers exist at every level.
Are you doing enough to unleash your inner energy?

Imagine working with someone for your next event that could actually help your team get more energy, be more productive, and have more fun every day!

Conquer fatigue, procrastination, and loss of motivation and laugh out loud while you’re learning how! Camilla’s lively, practical sessions prompt you to find more time for the things that matter – health, life balance, family, fun, relaxation – and gain more energy and productivity for business and for life!


Camilla has mentored many people in business and counselled many more as a life coach and therapist. She now brings the best of her business coaching to women who want to enter into the world of entrepreneurship. Her no nonsense approach is sure to keep you engaged from the get go!
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Camilla’s guidance

With Camilla’s guidance you will 

  • Gain new strategies for time and energy management.
  • Recognize your biggest time wasters and effectively prioritize the day to optimize productivity.
  • Learn tools to stay energized and engaged on the job no matter what you are up against.
  • Laugh and learn through her stories and insights.
  • Learn the impact and effectiveness of small steps on the path to success.
  • Get clear on key factors that impact life balance, personal energy and fulfillment


Unlock Your Dreams with Camilla

Are you a high performer? High-performers show up as leaders and strive for success in all they do. They take on bigger challenges, and better manage stress. They find ways to take care of their energy – mind, body and spirit – no matter what is coming at them. They feel great about themselves and their capabilities. To succeed in any business climate you need a high-energy, high-performance team to make it happen. Take a step.

Contact Camilla to learn more about keynotes, workshops and coaching that will help you and your team imprint the energy habits of high-performing people and find success at higher levels.

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